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DAH Illustration & Animation Services

DAH can custom-design illustrated characters for your marketing campaigns, product promotions or other branding effort.  We can create animated "agents" who guide users through certain areas of your site.  We can create caricatures of real people, animal characters and more.

When DAH builds characters, we design and provide them to you as intellectual properties -- they are delivered with model sheets, expression guides, construction guides, turnarounds and more.  They are designed to be animated!

DAH has created teams of animated characters for several MAJCOMs (Major Commands) of the Air Force.

Think what we can do for you!  Give us a call today and find out!



Illustrations advance from Pencil to Ink and then to Detailed Color

DAH can produce educational comic books in a variety of formats, ranging upwards from black-and-white line art to digitally grey toned B&W all the way to full, glossy color.  We can prepare the material for print, use on web sites or both.  DAH's Chief Technology Officer has over a decade of experience in publishing many comics, books and magazines, and can guide the process from concept through completion.

In addition to illustration services, DAH also offers a comprehensive range of animation services, ranging from online, web-based animation up through film, television and even HDTV.  And it's less costly than you would imagine -- by making efficient use of its partner animation studios in Asia,  DAH is able to keep the actual bulk labor of the pencil stage of animation at an affordable level, while keeping almost all of the character design, voice talent, storyboarding, digital ink & paint, composition and sound sweetening / post-production efforts right here in the USA.

If you're thinking about developing an animated mascot to promote your organization, products or services, DAH can help save time, effort and money, while producing a truly superior product.  Give us a call, and let us show you what we can do for you -- a picture is worth a thousand words.

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