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Dr. John Harvey has over 20 years experience in consulting
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Leadership Development Institute

The Leadership Development Institute has five key services areas: Organization Development, Staff Development, Strategic Planning, Performance Management Systems and Technical Assistance. The Institute provides these services through the following venues:

  • Public training sessions
  • Client on-site training development and delivery engagements
  • One-on-one coaching and advisement sessions
  • Customized and individualized technical assistance consultations



DAH's Leadership & Management Institute can share with you effective strategies for:

  • Transforming your staff and organization into a high performance team,
  • Assessing your staff and organization's current competencies, and
  • Developing low-cost training solutions for improving your staff's and organization's competencies that increase overall productivity and bottom-line

The Institute specializes in the design, development, delivery and implementation of client-focused and customized organization and staff development solutions in the following areas:

  • Designing Program Outcome Systems
  • Developing Outcome Measurements
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Program Performance Evaluation
  • Developing Case Management Systems
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Board Development
  • Building Collaboration
  • Staff Development and Performance Coaching
  • Human Resources Planning & Management
  • Developing Performance Management Systems
  • Aligning Organizational and Performance Management Systems
  • Developing & Managing Information Systems


In today's global economy, change is the only constant. Organizations that have been able to position themselves to adjust and reap the benefits of change have one thing in common...effective strategy!

It is a well documented fact that organizations without strategic direction are significantly more likely to fail.

Despite this fact, research continues to show that a majority of organizations fail to plan strategically. In today's highly competitive workplace, successful institutions are those organizations that possess managers and workers that can:

  • Develop and communicate coherent strategy,
  • Develop systems to implement and measure the effectiveness of their company's strategy, and
  • Develop tools to ensure that their company's strategies are in-step with changing times.

DAH can help build on your successes by:

  • Aligning your company's strategic plan with it's budget,
  • Providing leadership in the development of your company's strategic plan,
  • Developing e-systems to monitor your company's progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the strategic plan, and
  • Aligning directors and staff roles with the strategic plan.

At DAH, we are committed to developing strategic plans that help bring your organization's vision to life.


The Leadership Development Institute also conducts customized and client-focused on-site short and long-term technical assistance consulting engagements with government, quasi-government and non-profit organizations that focus on:

  • Conducting organizational effectiveness assessments
  • Assisting with Human Resources planning and development
  • Assisting with strategic planning initiatives
  • Board, management and staff development
  • Managing organizational and staff performance
  • Assessing program concepts and designs to ensure accountability
  • Recommending IT solutions
  • Developing Funding Strategies
  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • Creating Program Outcomes
  • Creating Outcome Measurement Systems


The Institute advises and consults clients on the design and development of organizational, divisional, departmental and employee performance management systems. During advisement and consultation sessions, clients are able to select from a variety of models and tools to develop and further enhance performance management systems. The goals of these advisement and consultations sessions are to ensure that Performance Management Systems are aligned with an organization’s mission, vision, strategies, goals and objectives.


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