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Dr. John Harvey has over 20 years experience in consulting
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Research & Evaluation Services

DAH’s Research and Evaluation Philosophy

DAH is committed to providing thorough and comprehensive research and evaluation studies. It is our philosophy that such studies must be useful – both to the funder and the program. Ideally, these activities should begin at program inception, i.e., the conceptualization and developmental phases. When done from program inception, evaluation can be used as an important planning and monitoring tool to inform further program adjustment and enhancement.

DAH works closely with clients to tailor research and evaluation studies so that they provide answers to key questions. This also involves providing clients with timely feedback on interim evaluation findings.

Both quantitative and qualitative data are collected to present a complete picture of what is happening with the program under review.
DAH uses a holistic approach that encompasses all phases of program operation.

Since most evaluations are contracted after the program has already started, we are prepared to do retrospective examinations of what happened as a part of the process evaluation to obtain critical documentation. This involves:

  • Reviews of administrative records and other program documentation, semi-structured interviews,
  • focus groups,
  • observations, and
  • statistical analyses.

We also have extensive experience conducting outcome-focused and impact evaluations as well as needs assessments and cost benefit analysis.

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